How Benchmark is Helping HVAC Contractors To Become CAD Professionals

1. Easy to Learn Software – Become Productive in Days, Not Months

Using a CAD software can be intimidating when you are new to it, but Benchmark makes it easy to learn and design duct systems within a few short training sessions. Using Benchmark’s tools inside of AutoCAD/Benchmark CAD, built in standards are used to automate the design process and only requires minimal input such as duct sizing. With Benchmark, the complexity of Computer Aided Design can be understood by everyone.

2. Affordability – Big Results for Smaller Budgets

While Benchmark can do a lot for your company, it can be scaled to offer only the features you need. If your goal is better estimation, Benchmark can be customized for just that! If you’re looking to automate your fabrication with our Fitting Input Software, you won’t be paying for features you won’t use. We also work to offer discounts when multiple features are needed so you always get the best possible price.

3. New Levels of Efficiency – One Drawing to Rule Them All

One of the greatest benefits of Benchmark is how each feature set can use the same drawing file. What that means is that you can design, estimate and fabricate all from the same drawing without needing to reenter information. Benchmark can retrieve all information necessary from a single Drawing, making your workflow from Design to Fabrication as seamless as possible.

4. Project Management – The Power of Organization

With an essential focus on Project Management, Benchmark keeps all information organized and contained, making archival and information retrieval fast and intuitive. History of Drawings, Communication, Submittals, Change Orders, and more are kept in-order inside their respective Projects for quick access down the line.

5. Work Together Without Having To Be Together

Companies are connected via a cloud-synchronized Database that keeps every internet-connected user up to date with changes on the fly. Drawings, Estimates, Fabrication Runs, and more are able to be seen and generated into reports from any computer by a Company Connected User. In a time when remote work is more and more common, this will keep your team just as connected as if they were down the hall.

If you have been doing your HVAC takeoffs by hand and are looking to increase your company capabilities, let Benchmark help you make that transition. Sign up for one of our weekly webinars to see how easy it is to enter a CAD environment for your company, no matter your experience level.